Discovery Channel: Flatliners

This flagship series for Discovery combines highly educational exploration of current surgery technology with the high drama of life with patients who face death if they do not elect to try it. Although genuine observational …

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BBC2: NASA – Triumph & Tragedy

The Times called it “indisputably brilliant;” “Beautifully told,” heralded The Guardian; “required viewing… a slam-dunk” recommended the Telegraph, and “made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up,” reported The Observer. This primetime …

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The Great Arab Revolt

2016 marks one century since the Great Arab Revolt that saw the end of the Ottoman Empire’s 400+ year reign over the Arab world. To commemorate this historically immense, heroic and fateful moment in the story …

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Silent Pool Gin (pre-launch draft)

Silent Pool is a newly-founded distillery in Surrey that aims high in producing hand-crafted spirits in real spirit of hand-making things in general. Although they are already winning international awards for their first product, Silent …

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Oatlands Care Home

This film is a terrific example about how whatever product or service a company is selling, it is simply the human experience of it that gives it value. Oatlands is a care home with true …

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Bolivia Clasica

Founded in 2011 with media participation from Horsepower, Bolivia Clasica is a fledgling, but thriving and heartwarming project to bring musical training and excellence to a remote and challenged region of South America.

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