The Great Arab Revolt

2016¬†marks one century since the Great Arab Revolt that saw the end of the Ottoman Empire’s 400+ year reign over the Arab world. To commemorate this historically immense, heroic and fateful moment in the story of the the modern Middle East, we contributed to the production of an unparalleled film account of the saga, utilising original locations, stunts and special effects from top Hollywood outfits and first-class production throughout. 2016 has been an unforgettable year as John spent months filming in the spectacular deserts and towns of Jordan, where the actual events of the Revolt occurred. As Story Producer on The Great Arab Revolt, John immersed himself in the literature and history of the age in order to connect with and interview the world’s best experts on every detail of a vast tapestry of politics, religion, intrigue and war that formed the modern Middle East. The result, post-produced in Los Angeles, Jordan and London, is the appearance of internationally-recognised historians throughout our docudrama, explaining the fascinating machinations behind the extraordinary epic that so often is reduced to the very simplified version seen in David Lean’s 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia.

The series has aired in Jordan and now enters the international market where we hope this hugely important and overlooked story gets told to a new generation who may wonder why all the fury and outrage that characterises the political landscape of the Middle East today.

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